What Kind of Blog do you Have?

When deciding to start a blog one of the first things you will need to consider is—


What kind of blog will you have?


There are many types of blogs: Style blogs, Fitness blogs, Business blogs, Food blogs, Mommy blogs, Lifestyle blogs, Beauty blogs, and many more. The first step in determining what kind of blog to create is determining what your expertise is, or what your blogging interests are. This will determine your blog genre. There is one thing I can promise you; if you do not enjoy the topics you are blogging about you will never get blogging done.

Dress:  Rent the Runway , Shoes:  Jessica Simpson , Purse:  Target

Dress: Rent the Runway, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Purse: Target

If you are not sure what blogging genre you should be in, ask yourself these 7 questions:


1. What do I specialize in?

2. What is my expertise?

3. What business industry am I in?

4. What do I like to talk about? Write about?

5. What am I good at?

6. What can I teach others?

7. What do I have to share?


Answering these questions will help you determine your blog type. Essentially, your blog is your niche—your little corner of the world (and the Internet!). If you enjoy cooking and sharing your recipes and videos of you baking, then a Food blog is the way to go. If you love makeup and beauty products and sharing tutorials, then you would create a beauty blog.


Every blog has an overall theme……well almost every blog. There is one blog type that falls into a different category and that is the Lifestyle Blog. If you Google it you will get a variety of definitions, but essentially a Lifestyle Blog is one that includes a number of different themes. The Lifestyle genre generally follows the life (or business) of a blogger and covers all the things they like and want to share with the world. While the Lifestyle Blogger has a broad theme, they still have a specific niche. For example:


Blogging Beautifully is a Lifestyle Blog


My specific niche is to teach business owners how to use blogging to increase their clientele and to provide a place for bloggers to go for inspiration, products, resources, and mentoring services to help them be better at blogging. Peppered in with that you will find me blogging about myself and my life experiences. Lifestyle Bloggers tend to be the most revealing and authentic because the blogging experience includes getting to know about them.


So, what kind of blog do you have? If you feel stuck on figuring this out let’s have a mentoring session. You can Pick My Brain and I can help you get unstuck and on your way to blogging beautifully!