Style Alert: Fuzzy Clutch + Over the Knee Boots

When the weather outside is frightful, be sure to bundle up. But there is nothing worse than being bundled up, gloves and all, and you get a phone call or text but you can’t answer because the material on your fingers is not touch screen enabled. Well, no more worries about that! Simply get yourself a pair of smart touch gloves. I found these chic leopard print ones at Marshall’s and I’ve linked a similar style, but it seems you may have to go on a little hunt at Marshall’s to get your hands on these babies. I will link more options on Smart touch gloves make it easier to stay in touch when you are out and about and need to answer a call. It’s so much better than fumbling around trying to get your gloves off and likely dropping the phone in the process.


This fuzzy clutch goes perfect with the Winter weather and provides just the right amount of pop of color. It is big enough to fit your phone, wallet, keys, and other small items. It comes with a hidden wristlet that can be pulled out for carrying around the wrist. While I love the functionality of this clutch, I just can not get over how fuzzy and cozy it is! It comes in three colors: mustard (pictured), navy, and berry (fuchsia). I highly recommend you get yourself one— you can pair it with a casual outfit or carry it for a night out on the town!


Oh, I love a good over-the-knee boot! I’m a high heel girl, but every now and then I want to wear a boot that is chic and can be worn all day long. After all, we are busy women and no one feels like carrying an extra pair of flats to change into when your feet start hurting. The comfort level of these boots is a 10, and so is the style factor. What I love about these boots is that they stay up over your knee— I don’t have to tug at them all day long! Now, I am not a skinny girl— and I do strength training so my legs and thighs are thick. These UNISA boots are stretchy and easily fit my calves and thighs! I love pairing these with stretchy leggings. These grey corduroy leggings are so much warmer than regular leggings— perfect for the cold weather! I highly recommend wearing leggings with over-the-knee boots. Skinny jeans work too, but I feel like the fabric on these leggings catch the top of the boot shaft and help keep them from slipping down.


I’m still wearing white with this Winter-white poncho. It has two toggle clasps in the front to kept it wrapped round you. I really like the toggle closures because then you don’t have to lift it over your head and mess up your hair! The front closure also makes it more convenient and functional because it can be worn as a layer. If you get warm while you are inside, all you have to do is undo the toggles and take it off. When you step outside in the cold, you can easily throw it back on.


Poncho: Solid Toggle Poncho

Leggings: Corduroy Leggings

Boots: Over The Knee Boot

Clutch: Fuzzy Quilted Flap Clutch

Gloves: Touchscreen Gloves, Smart Gloves (Similar items)


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So what do you think about this outfit? What is your favorite piece? I have to say, I’m totally obsessed with the whole sha-bang!

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