3 Tips for Keeping up with your blog

Keeping up with your blog is a must and nobody will follow an outdated blog. Keep your readers coming back week after week with these 3 easy tips: 

Be consistent

Consistency is key! Your readers love the content you share on your blog. Being consistent lets them know when they can expect a new post from you. Determine how often you want to blog and stick to it. There is nothing worse than going to a blog only to find out the last new post was 5 months ago. Blog consistently to keep readers coming back to your site time after time. I recommend picking specific days of the week to publish new posts. For example, maybe you add a new post every Wednesday, or every Tuesday and Thursday. Whatever days you choose, stick to it! 


Have a plan

In order to be consistent you have to have a plan. Writing a blog post on the same day you want to post it almost never goes well. You will likely feel rushed, and you may forget to include important information and links. Create a plan that not only includes the days you will post but what topics you will write about. Planning in advance is key. Typing your posts up and setting them to auto publish is the best way to go to ensure you share the best content. This also allows you to sleep on it, so to speak, and then make updates and edits as needed. The Editorial Checklist Planner can help you accomplish this. 

Don't over think it

Don't overthink the content you want to share. Sometimes as a blogger we get writer's block and this can cause serious delays in being consistent. Blog about your niche and blog style type. When you get stuck, I have 55 blog topic starters you can use to keep your blog going. 

What are your tips for keeping up with your blog?

Blog Beautifully,