Why I love Blogging

Happy Valentines Day! On the day dedicated to love it is only appropriate that I share what I love about blogging. 

Writing is Cathartic

Like journaling, blogging and writing in general are cathartic. It is also a way to express myself artistically and share my expertise. Also the more you write, the better writer you become!

Dress:  Similar Stye      Clutch:  Target $18.99

Dress: Similar Stye     Clutch: Target $18.99

Blogging helps grow my business

As I have shared in past posts, blogging helps grow your business in so many ways. It adds consistent new content to your site, it provides multiple avenues for your business to be found, and it increases the time on site of your audience. All of these things help potential customers and advertisers find you. 

Inspiring others to Blog

The whole purpose of Blogging Beautifully is to provide a place for bloggers to go for inspiration, resources, products and mentoring services that will help bloggers be more effective at blogging. Inspiring others to start a blog or become better bloggers is something that I LOVE to do!

What do you love about blogging? 

Blog Beautifully,