You need business cards

Your branding speaks volumes about your blogging business and who you are. The theme, color scheme, and content all paint a picture of your business identity. But how do you reflect your business when you are out and about networking? Your blog and brand are only part of your business identity.

In a world of all things digital, the business card still has a role to play. People often just add contacts to their phone when they make connections, but contact information can easily get buried in a crowded contact list. I recently scrolled through my contacts on my phone to clean out old numbers. There were a lot of numbers that I could not quite remember who the people were that I met. For every contact where I had received a business card, I could easily remember who they were, the event I met them at, and even details of the discussion we had.

There is something about a tangible business card that triggers memory

Identity matters and business cards are not out of date. Make your brand (and yourself) more memorable by including business cards as a part of your branding. I will caution you to not give your business cards out to just anyone and everyone. This is another mistake I made in my past business. Be selective and share your cards with potential clients and business associates that you are looking to build a business relationship with. 

Dress:  Similar Stye      Clutch:  Target $18.99

Dress: Similar Stye     Clutch: Target $18.99

Are you ready to order your business cards?

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