Make the Most of your Website Link on Instagram

I love Instagram as a social media tool. But the one thing I hate is not being able to add hyperlinks in your post and only getting space for one website link in your bio. With such little web link real estate you need to make the best use of the one link you can add to your profile. There are a number of third-party sites that allow you to do just that. Create one link to connect to all of the specific website hyperlinks you want your followers to go to. 

Let's face it. When you want something, you want it now. No one wants to dig through a whole bunch of different links just to get to your product that is for sale. I use Lnk.Bio to organize all my website links for my Instagram bio. Here are my favorite features of Lnk.Bio:

You get unlimited links.

Instead of driving people only to your website homepage, you can direct them straight to various places on your website and blog. 

You get a vanity URL.

Customize your Link.Bio url so that it corresponds with your business name (or your own name) instead of having a random generated url. 

You get tracking and statistics.

Tracking is important to your business! Lnk.Bio tracks detailed stats for each link, shows clicks for each individual link, and provides number of visits to your Lnk.Bio. All of these analytics are helpful to determine which links are popular and what interests are driving traffic to your website and blog. 


I love having things nicely organized. I can easily organize, move, and rename my links as much as I like. Most importantly is gives visitors to my website a fast track to whatever it is they are looking for. Want to buy the blog planner? There is a link straight to the item in my shop. Want to peruse my blog? You can link right to it from my Lnk.Bio.

Dress: DVF from  Rent the Runway

Dress: DVF from Rent the Runway

On top of all this, there is a free option and a paid option. You'll need to pay to get a vanity url, tracking and stats, but the cost is just a one-time fee and totally worth it. However, if you choose the free option you still get to have unlimited links-- which is awesome! There are similar sites, like LinkTree, but I am partial to LnkBio. Use whichever one works best for you!

Check out my Lnk.Bio HERE. Have you tried Lnk.Bio or LinkTree? What do you love about it? 

Blog Beautifully,