Checking on my Blogging Progress

Back in December I created my blogging goals for 2018. Now that I've had a full month in 2018 to blog, I want to go back and evaluate how my goals have been going. After all, what is the sense of making goals if you do not periodically go back and review them to see if you are acomplishing them? 

Dress:  Rent the Runway , Shoes:  Jessica Simpson , Purse:  Target

Dress: Rent the Runway, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Purse: Target

The first goal was to blog a minimum of 2 blog posts a week.

For the most part I have been blogging 1 to 2 times a week. Now with the 28-Day February Blogging Challenge I am blogging daily for the entire month of February-- Yes, EVERYDAY! This is the best way to give your blog a jump start and to get in the groove of blogging regularly. 

The second goal was to use the Editorial Checklist Planner to plan blog posts in advance.

All my blog posts are already planned out! This is what I love about this planner and its why I created it. Anytime an idea comes to mind, I jot down the notes and outline it in my planner. I keep it with with me because inspiration can hit me at anytime. It takes the stress out of blogging!

My third blogging goal (and probably the biggest one) is to include quality, professional images in all my blog posts.

This is a HUGE commitment and requires a bit more work, but it is totally worth it! If you look at any successful blog the images are clear, professional, and captivate your attention. Professional pictures make such a difference and upgrade your blog. There are a few ways you can do this. Invest in a very good camera and get a bestie, husband, or friend to take pictures for you. Or, you can invest in professional photography. You should have a budget for photography. If you are creating advertising for a company then you should include the cost in your contract. There are many photographers who work with bloggers and offer fairly reasonable rates.

Dress:  Rent the Runway , Shoes:  Jessica Simpson , Purse:  Target

Dress: Rent the Runway, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Purse: Target

My final blogging goal is to incorporate blog post leads into social media (Instagram).

I've been creating blog post leads in Instagram to increate engagement and a blog following. It is important to include direct links to your most recent blog post. Make it easy for followers to link back to your blog. Using the Instagram Business feature is also a must. This allows you to track statistics related to who is actually going to your blog from your Instagram post. 

Did you set blogging goals for this year? How are they coming along? 

Blog Beautifully,