Let me Introduce Myself

Hello there, beautiful! I embarked on this new business adventure at the start of 2018 and realized that I have not properly introduced myself to my readers and fellow blogger friends. You can read a little about me HERE, but below I share more personal details. Here are 5 random things about me: 

1. I'm a lifestyle'ish blogger

Technically I am a lifestyle blogger-- but I love fashion and have serious Style Blogger tendencies. Maybe I should rename it to Life & Style Blogger. I might just do that!

Dress: Target  (Similar style)     Shoes:  Jessica Simpson/DSW - $69.99   Clutch:  Target - $18.99

2. I Love Being Organized

Organization makes me happy. I hate when things are messy. I can deal with a few things laying around but anything more and I can't concentrate or function until I clean up. I try to just make it habit to clean up after myself as much as possible. 

3. Checklists are my thing

I make lists and notes for almost everything. There is something satisfying about being able to check things off of a list (hence, the Editorial Checklist Planner).

4. Bust First, coffee

Coffee is my jam. I need at least 1 cup of coffee in the morning before I do anything that requires me to concentrate, pay attention, or use my brain at all.

5. Hot Yoga is my new thing

I've been doing yoga here and there for the last few years, but I recently committed to taking regular classes. I love how it makes me feel and by the end of the year my goal is to do a full forward bend (without my hamstrings burning!).

So that's a little about me. How about you?! Share a random fact about you in the comments.

Blogging Beautifully,