Why Time on Site is Important to Bloggers

In a previous post, I shared 3 reasons why blogging is essential to your business. Another important element to blogging is Time on Site. Time on site is the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. Blogs are the perfect way to hold your readers attention-- giving them a reason to stay on your site for awhile! So how can you make this happen? 

Share content that is interesting

This is where your niche comes in handy. Your audience will likely want to follow your blog if it is on a topic that is of interest in them. This is why it is good to have a specific theme to your blog. If it is clear to the reader what your blog is about they are likely to follow it regularly. If your content is interesting readers will keep coming back!

Dress: Target  (Similar style)

Dress: Target (Similar style)

Share content that is engaging

The only way to make your audience hangout on your blog is to provide content that is engaging. Be your authentic self and share your expertise. A great way to engage your readers is to ask questions and share prompts that evoke a response in the comments section. another way is to ensure your blog posts are inter-linked to other areas of your blog and website. If you are referencing something from a past blog post be sure to link to it (like I did in the first sentence of this post). Don't assume that everyone who comes to your blog has been following it since day one. If hyperlinks are properly placed, and your content is interesting, readers will click around on your blog and spend time reading and viewing your content. This is the BEST way to keep eyes on your blog! 

Why is Time on Site so important? 

Web Analytics collect the amount of time a visitor is on your site. The longer visitors are on your site the higher your search engine rankings will be. But another reason, and the one I think is the most important for bloggers, is that advertisers want to know how much time visitors are spending on your blog. The longer a visitor stays on your site the more likely they will view and most importantly, click on advertisements. This is really important if you want your blog to make money beyond just the products and services you sell. 

So there you go, yet another reason blogging is so essential to your business. You should be reviewing your overall analytics monthly. I will be sharing more on this in a future post.

Do you collect analytics for your blog?

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