Get over yourself and get that photo

If you are going to be a style blogger you have to get comfortable taking pictures in public. This is especially true when you are using a professional photographer (which you should be doing). As a style blogger you need to get the best photos in the best locations. This typically means you will be taking pictures out in public. 

When I first started stye blogging my biggest fear was taking pictures outside on a busy street in front of strangers. People are naturally curious. I can guarantee you people will stare, they will ask questions, they will walk by your photoshoot multiple times, they will linger, and they may stop and watch-- the entire time! You have to be ready for everything including the weirdo who comes up and wants to take a picture of you with his own camera (Yes, this really happened!). The bottom line is you need to remember what your goal is.

Your goal is to get the best picture of your outfit

So don't let what is going on all around you get you off your game. My typical photoshoot looks like this: A public setting with a lot of people walking around, cars driving by, a few cat calls from delivery truck drivers, people giving compliments and sometimes heckles, a few horns honking, and basically, life happening all around me. However,

not EVERYONE gives a hoot about what you are doing!

The majority of people walking by are not even thinking twice about what you are doing. So if you are new to style blogging or just have a fear of taking pictures in public, you are doing yourself a disservice. It may seem like all eyes are on you, but its not to the extent that you think. There really is no need to be nervous, scared, or embarrassed. The faster you can get over yourself the more comfortable you will be during your photoshoot and the more focused you'll be on doing your poses. Here are three tips that will help you feel empowered taking photos in public:

Practice your poses ahead of time. That's right! Practice in front of the mirror or in front of your best friend. It is easy to get distracted when you're taking pictures in public. Having your poses in mind will help during the photoshoot so you don't have to think so hard.

Tune everything out. If you've ever played sports then you already know how to do this. Do whatever you need to do before your photoshoot to get you pumped up. For me it's drinking a triple soy latte and listening to my favorite music. Hyping yourself up will help you tune everything and everyone out. Act like you don't even see the people around you-- this goes a long way in helping you stay focused.

Think abut your bank account! Nothing is more motivating than thinking about your bank account growing every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the outfit you blog about. This is the number one way to help you get over yourself and your fear of taking photos in public. After all, you are not out taking pictures because you have nothing better to do. This is a business! Put on your blogger big girl panties, get over yourself, and take that amazing photo.

Get over yourself so you can take great photos!

In my next blog post I will be discussing how style bloggers should prepare for a photoshoot.

How do you feel about taking style photos in public for your blog? 


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