The one thing that changed my blogging game

There are a lot of elements required to be an effective style blogger, but once you have a solid plan you can begin to grow your blogging business-- and most importantly, make money! I get a lot of direct messages on Instagram asking me how to be a style blogger and asking me to elaborate on tips and tricks for getting your style blog off the ground. I'm happy to announce that I am developing a set of classes for new style bloggers, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, here is the number one thing I did that changed the game for my style blogging business:

I started using a professional photographer

Once I started doing this everything changed. If you are serious about being a style blogger, this is a something you have to do. You need professional photos. In order to attract brands, you have to provide the same quality advertising that the brand itself offers.

Listen, we all have to start somewhere, you can scroll down my Instagram page and see how far I've come with my pictures, but if you want to make your style blogging a business you will have to start taking professional photos.

Photographers are not that hard to find

More and more professional photographers are going beyond just shooting weddings, newborn sessions, and family portraits, and working with style bloggers. Do a search in your city and look for photographers to work with.

If you are a new style blogger or you have been blogging for a while but just can't get your business off the ground, I promise you that using professional photos moving forward will change everything! Once you get a photographer you need to prepare for your photoshoot. Read my posts on How to Prepare for a Style Blogger Photoshoot Part I and Part II.

Are you currently using a professional photographer for your style blog? Share your photo challenges in the comments below. 

Blog Beautifully,