RBF and Style Blogging

Style blogging is a unique form of blogging where bloggers share their fashion style and typically are affiliates for various clothing brands. Style blogging allows everyday bloggers to be models for brands. There are so many interesting aspects to style blogging. One of the major components is taking style photos. One issue that I have recently taken notice of is the challenge of RBF and style blogging. Don't know what RBF is? Resting B!^#h Face! You can read more about it HERE.

What I can tell you is that RBF is a real thing that can help or hinder your style blog photos. In my previous business I covered New York Fashion week from 2008 to 2012. This was back when Fashion Week was in Bryant Park, exclusive, and very hard to get press credentials for. This was also when blogs were first starting to get popular. One of the things I noticed at fashion shows is that high fashion runway models never smile and almost always have RBF. It works for the runway and the goal is to showcase the clothing-- not the model. If you think abut commercial modeling which is mostly what you see in magazine ads, the models are happy and smile a lot. It works for the audience the ad is trying to reach. For me specifically, I naturally have RBF which means people who don't know me usually think I am stuck up, mean, angry, unimpressed, etc. But I promise I am not any of those things!! My face just naturally rests that way......It's a struggle!

So what does RBF mean for bloggers? Here's what you need to know:

Be conscious of your facial expressions

If you have RBF you need to be conscious of your facial expressions. I literally plan out my poses before a shoot and practice in a mirror. It sounds silly but it helps you think about the facial expression you want to portray. This really becomes important when you are working with a brand. You need to make sure that your facial expressions match the brand you are representing. This should be a part of the conversation when working with brands. What kind of emotion are they expecting you to portray-- joy, laughter, happiness, seriousness, or the look-away glance (one of my favs!).

Don't underestimate Smizing

Tyra Banks taught us how to Smize on the early seasons of America's Next Top Model. The tips she gives on how to smize are perfect for style blogging. Smiling with your eyes always works! Learn how to do it here

RBF is not necessarily a bad thing

If you have RBF like me, don't worry. All hope is not lost! Some of the worlds top supermodels never smile or laugh in their campaigns or on the runway. Watch any of the major Fashion Week's around the world and the runway models are almost always stone faced (NY, Paris, London, Italy, etc.). It just means you need to be conscious of your facial expressions when you do photoshoots. Create a plan for what expressions you want to convey and you will be good to go. 

Do you have RBF? Share your RBF experience in the comments below!

Blog Beautifully,