What it takes to be a Style Blogger

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions via email and social media on what being a style blogger is all about. My first response is that style blogging takes work. It's so much more than taking beautiful pictures. Style blogging is after all, a business.


Here are the 5 major components to style blogging. Note, this list does not include all the components but it will give you an idea of what it takes to get started with style blogging.


Starting and Managing a Blog
The first step is to start a blog! I recommend working with a professional to get your blog up and running. I know what you are thinking......How much is this going to cost me? Well, it depends on who you use. You can pay upwards of $3,000 - $5000, or you can go the smart route like I did and get a professional blog/website designed for a reasonable price. I used Fiverr and paid $250 to get Blogging Beautifully designed and my site was completed and up and running in 10 days. 10 days!! So if you are serious about becoming a style blogger (or any kind of blogger) you'll want to get started by clicking on the SHOP NOW button below. 

Style Photoshoots
I've shared previously how important professional photos are for style blogging. There really is no way around it. Invest in a professional photographer in your city or town. Also look for new photographers who are often willing to work with you for free or at a low cost to build up their portfolio. You can learn how to prepare for a style blogger photoshoot here and here

Advertising and Affiliate Linking
Advertising and becoming an affiliate (also referred to as ambassador) is where the business comes in. You will need to define your target market, determine which brands you want to work with (and which ones want to work with you!), and learn how to monetize your blog.

Planning Blog Posts
To be successful, you will need to blog no less than twice a week-- three times is even better. Only an active blog gets noticed. The worst thing you can do is blog infrequently. The fastest way to kill a blog is inconsistency. Create a plan and blog regularly. My blog planner can help. 

Managing Social Media
As a style blogger you will have to create a social media presence. This also requires consistency in the same manner as your blog. Shoot to post every day. I use the Preview app to help me plan my Instagram posts. 


Want more information and details about becoming a style blogger? I recommend the Pick My Brain Mentoring Session. This is a curated 1:1 session where you can pick my brain about Style Blogging or anything related to blogging and business. It is the perfect way to get all your questions answered and get real information that you can go back and apply immediately to help you accomplish your goals! I won't just give you an inspirational pep talk! You will get actual resources and steps to take and implement immediately. 

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What do you find interesting about becoming a style blogger? 

Blog Beautifully,