Style Blogging as a Business

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately with people about style blogging and I have found there are a lot of different thoughts out there about what style blogging is. Some bloggers don’t even fully understand the essence of style blogging so I decided to provide some clarification for those wanting to learn more about it or go into the style blogging business. For the sake of this discussion I will focus on two areas: Style blogging as a hobby and style blogging as a business.


Some people love fashion and enjoy sharing their outfits with others for fun and for sharing fashion tips and ideas with no expectation of earning commission or making money— it’s something they enjoy. It is their hobby. They may share pictures of their outfits on social media or a blog, or both.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with style blogging as a hobby! But there is a major difference between blogging as a hobby and blogging as a business.


Style blogging as a buisiness requires a lot of work just like any other business. It also requires you to be strategic, identify your target market, and determine the best way to monoteize your blog. Some people only use social media to share their fashion style, I consider these people style influencers. A style blogger has an actual blog and is usually also an influencer as well.

The main difference of style blogging as a business versus a hobby is that you make money! Your blog is monotized. Commission is accumulated based on clicks and/or purchases made from your blog links to clothing and products. Many bloggers also create revenue via advertising and contracts with brands and working with monetization tools like Style Collective, Like to Know It, and Reward Style. 


Maybe you have been blogging as a hobby for a while and you've decided to move into the business aspect of blogging. I say go for it! The great thing is that you are ahead of the curve, because you likely already have a blog that is up and running and has a lot of blog posts.

Where are you in your blogging life? Is your blog a hobby or a business?

Blog Beautifully,