Using the Right Photos for your Style Blog

Pictures are at the heart of the Style Blogger's blog, so it's important that you are particular about the photos you use. One of the things you need to consider is picture layout and which layouts work best for your blog and social media. Vertical layouts are perfect for showcasing a full body visual that allows readers and followers to see your entire outfit from head to toe. Because the goal of Style Blogging is to generate revenue based on the clothes you are advertising, it is necessary to make sure that the you provide good images that show the details of the clothing. 


When using vertical pictures you need to consider where you will use it. For example, a horizontal photo works great for a blog post, but you may not be able to get the head-to-toe look in the square Instagram frame-- at least not with out minimizing it and then you have those white borders that do not look good in the IG feed. Also, minimizing the photo makes everything smaller and harder to see the clothing. However, you can solve this problem by taking two types of vertical pictures. For your blog, take head-to-toe pictures up close. For social media sites, take photos from a distance so that you get the full head-to-toe in the entire IG frame and you can zoom in if needed. Have these kind of conversations with your photographer before you take pictures so that you can get the type of images that will work for your blog and social media. 


The horizontal layout of pictures tend to work well with blog posts. While I use both orientations for photos, I like how horizontal photos stretch to both edges of the page. They also work well for Instagram. Unlike Vertical pictures, you can pretty much use the horizontal layout for everything.

Here are examples where you can see the difference between a vertical picture versus a horizontal one:


There is no wrong or right layout. It is about using the photo layout that is going to work best for the medium you are using and that will showcase the clothes you are advertising appropriately. 

Do you have a photo layout preference for your Style Blog? 

Blog Beautifully,