What do you do?


Ahhh, the age old question repeated over and over again at business events. Even more so, it is the question your clients want to know before deciding if they are going to work with you. The worst is when you ask,


And the response you get is 15 different things but no actual answer to the question. You've had an entire conversation with someone about their business and you have no clue what they do-- if they do anything at all! You walk away confused thinking:

  1. This person has no clue what they are doing
  2. I would never work with this person (or give them my money)

Maybe you have been in this scenario, or maybe this is you. You have a hard time explaining to clients what you do. Well, there is hope! It is not that hard to determine what you do. Instead of rattling off the various "things" that you do, explain in one concise sentence the purpose of your business. For example, here is what I do at Blogging Beautifully:

"I provide a place for bloggers to go for inspiration, resources, products, and mentoring services that will help you be more effective at being a blogger."

One sentence that explains what I do. Concise, clear, descriptive and straight to the point. When you break the sentence down every element I mentioned can be connected to what my business offers:

Inspiration and Resources are available on my Blog. I provide Inspiration and resources to help and educate business owners and bloggers how to get better at blogging so they can increase their clientele. 

Products are available in my Shop. I provide physical products and digital downloads to support business owners at blogging.

My Mentoring Services are available on the Work with Me page and in the Shop. I provide Mentoring service to guide business owners.

If you are struggling with this and unable to define what the purpose of your business is, then I can help you figure it out.

Checkout the Pick my Brain Mentoring Session

One hour is all I need to help you synthesize and develop a clear, concise, one-sentence response to: What do you do?

Blog Beautifully,