Perfect Hinders Done


As a business owner and a self-proclaimed perfectionist I am constantly creating content and products. My goal is always to provide the best possible product. I want it to look good, sound good, work correctly and....... be perfect. However, this can sometimes hinder getting things done. I am a strong believer in putting in the work and working hard to create legitimate content and products that support bloggers. Perfection is a good thing and a bad thing. It helps us develop things at a high quality standard but can hinder things if you never think it is good enough. Have you ever been designing something and you constantly want to tweak one little thing? Before you know it, you are 2 weeks and 15 tweaks past your deadline!

Here is a word of wisdom:

Done is better than perfect! Don’t spend so much time perfecting that you don’t get the thing done.

This does not mean that you should skimp on your design, or create sub-par content. What is means it that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself and focus more on getting the content created correctly and timely. The truth is perfection is never truly attainable. This happens to me a lot when writing blog posts. I can spend days revising and editing the blog copy when the truth is the 2nd revision was just fine.

What is not perfected in your eyes, is complete perfection in the eyes of someone else! So stop stressing yourself and don't allow perfect to hinder DONE.